Growth & Shine Serum

Revitalize your follicles

Growth & Scalp Serum

Stop the itch!

Community Love

I love the growth oil drops. My edges grew back in a month. Really good products.

Theresa Shelby

My hair was extremely damaged after cancer treatment. Of course, I had to shave my head. I used the aloe shampoo, the black rice water and the drops. My hair grew back healthy and longer than before.

Janet T.

I have dandruff and itchy scalp. It is really bad. The ginger shampoo and scalp pomade saved me.  Thank You!!

Gerald H.

My beard was struggling until I used the beard oil. It made a big difference.

Jarome Mathis

The extenda lash is amazing! I saw results in 2 weeks. No more false lashes for me.

Arnisha Kintom

My medication was causing my hair to break. These products turned my hair around. My hair texture is straight and very fine so I didn't think I could use the oil. I used it as a hot oil treatment and I was astonished by the results. 

Amy Smith

I am so happy I discovered this product. My hair has grown 2 inches in 1 month an it is healthy. Thank you!